20s, Female, 5’ 8”, 140lbs, athletic, brown hair, brown eyes




Advanced healing factor creates heightened strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and coordination. Proficient in multiple offense combat techniques.


Sgt. Larutto, Darius Mason, Goliath, The Grim, Conner McMannus, Rage, Hotshot, Darkhart, and Quill.

Artemis is a Level 3 Aug and a Mask for Silver City, Pennsylvania. She's one of the most notable Masks, working with everyone from Sgt. Larutto to Alexi Terrosky.

She's feared in the criminal underworld. Her enemies include the McMannus Crime Family and the Blood Kings.

She's also well connected in the city, with trusted contacts in every district and corner in town.


Appearing five years after C-Day, Artemis began explosively, waging a full on war with street crime. In a few short weeks, she had cleaned up more crime than the SCPD does in months.

The crime world retaliated, and threw all they had at her. It's in this time, she became fast friends with police sergeant Paul "The Tank" Larutto. Her notorious difficulty dying soon led to her turning the tides and defeating some of the city's worst criminals.

As she cut a swath across the criminal element, the first versions of the Havoc Gear were taking out larger operations. It wasn't long before Terrosky proposed a deal. With her skills and his resources, they started forcing gangland activity out of huge chunks of the city.

When Quill appeared on the scene, he began courting her while on the job. She was resistant at first, but soon the two fell into a deep romance. Together, they set their eyes on Connor McMannus and began to take apart his criminal empire piece by piece.

After Quill was killed by the assassin Darkhart, Artemis was distraught. She became absorbed in her work, and became more violent with criminals, especially McMannus' men (even though Conner was never directly connected). Some close to her began to suspect days would go by without her taking off her suit.

Still today, she has been fighting for the people almost constantly in Silver City’s so called ‘Suicide District’. She’s become such a presence there, that she’s become a nightly occurance.


Artemis is tough and "street-wise". On the surface, she seems callous and detached, but deep down she cares deeply for the people around her.

She is an amazing friend and a fearsome enemy. She has laserbeam focus and unstoppable drive, making her a force to be reckon with when she sets her mind on something.