Artilects, or ARTifical InteLECTS, are hyper intelligent quantum computers. They are defined as incredibly powerful, yet non-sentient. Artilects are an example of Promethean Technology.

Artilects require abundant energy to run, as well as specifics in cooling and storage space. Because of this, the price of owning one has limited their availablity. Mostly corporations, government facilities, or universities have them.

Artilects are manufactored mostly by Sky Industries, as well as Microsoft, and to a lesser extent Pantheon Technologies.


Artilects excel at being able to run multiple complicated tasks simultaneously. Because of this, they're mostly used to control things that a human, or a team of humans, would normally do.

Their processing speed is faster than that of most human-built supercomputers, and uses a fraction of the resources of the later.

Artilects are able to learn and make small rudimentary decisions based on privious knowledge, which leads to an illusion of artificial intelligence. It is, however, unable to conform to the guidlines outlining true AI.


There are many uses for Artilects, including:

  • Most major buildings have one or more Artilects installed in them in order to monitor and control the building's facilities and functions.
  • Artilects control military drones and unmanned vehicles, cutting down soldier deaths dramatically.
  • They're used heavily in space exploration, having no need to wait for each instruction sent from Earth. Artilect controlled rovers are on the Moons and the Mars.
  • Certain airlines have planes that are flown by Artilects, with a human copilot aboard in case of a malfunction.
  • Artilects use intricate robot bodies to perform some routine surgeries with the same quality but half the cost of a human performed one.