Short for Augment. A human genetically modified by the mutagenic Promethean Radiation. Usually possessing one or more extra-human abilities.

The vast majority of those exposed to the radiation were killed, but those who survived were transformed in different ways.

Some became Masks while others chose different paths ranging from career criminals, to terrorists, to a wide variety of law enforcers.

Augs come from every demographic, age, sex, or race.

Augs are classified by the TRS.


-First Generation: An Aug who has undergone one mutation and usually possessing one defined ability.

-Second Generation: An Aug who has undergone a second mutation and usually possessing a second, more complex ability.


Augs have been met with a wide range of reactions. They are, for the most part, tentatively accepted. Many politicians have raised the question of control. New Gomorrah is often brought up as an example of Augs run amok. The longterm effects of the mutations are yet unknown and it only adds to the fear. So far, there have been no real action against them. Some think it is out of fear of a massive Aug retaliation.

There has been the creation of so called "Aug-o-philes", or people sexually attracted to Augs. Movie stars, leaders, and prominent figures have all come out as admitted Aug-o-philes.

There has also been a vocal anti-Aug movement ranging from concern to outright hate. Some have suggest everything from containment to eradication. Aug hate speech, like Defect or Head Freak (for persons with mental abilies), has increased as has violence against Augmented Individuals. Some of the increased antimosity has chiefly come from the Humans First movement.

Although small conflicts do exists, there have been no major wars for fear of fighting an insurgent Aug population.