The Bertelli Crime Syndicate is a group of crime families/orginizations working together under the leadership the of Bertelli family, currently headed by Marco Bertelli, working out of San Maria.

The Syndicate deals in virtually everything. Drugs, arms dealing, human trafficking (they were forced out of prostitution by the Vixen Sisters), racketeering, smuggling, contract killing, and much much more.

Marco Bertelli, the current head, is a ruthless business man. He's respected by many and feared by more. He has been on the SMPD nab list for years, but they have nothing to get him on. He stays out of the filth.

San Maria Masks have been battling the Syndicate for as long as they've existed. But for every person they put away, there's two more to take their place. Add in corrupt cops, the city's impenetrable crime culture, and a fearful populous and you get a herculean task.

Notable Syndicate MembersEdit

  • Jimmy "Smitty" Smits: A famous drug runner who ran 3 tons of cocaine under the SMPD's nose. Died of Promethean Radiation poisoning. To this day, a unusually difficult job is called "a Smitty Job", and pulling it off is called "pulling a Smitty."
  • Raymond Brown: An Aug with the power to cause rapid cellar degeneration. He was a notorious hitman who aged people to death. Was captured by The Lightening as is serving a life sentence in Redstone Prison.
  • Mary Clarke: A famous hitwoman who would kill her targets while having sex. She was killed by Garret Foster in a hit gone wrong.
  • Barry "Cinder" Cindell: An enforcer for the Bertelli family, Cinder was an Aug with the ability to create an aura of super-hot flamesaround his body. He was gunned down on Murder Mile.
  • Giovanni Bertelli: The first Bertelli to bring the Syndicate together in 1954.
  • Tony Banderson: A famous corrupt cop who was found skinned alive inside his house on Christmas morning.
  • Abigail Bertelli: The first and so far only female head of the Bertelli family. She is said to have been one of the most violent and merciless of the family heads.
  • Derek Vandeen: A drug runner who nearly assinated Maxwell Krest right after anouncing the SCU. He was captured by Shockwave after a gunfight between Syndicate members and Dominic Lopez's crew. He's serving 25 years in Redstone.