Patch O'William


Early-Mid 20s, Male, 6' 3", 180lbs, Lean, Black hair, brown eyes




Powerful telekinetic


Alexi Terrosky, Artemis, Dark Matter, Sgt. Paul Larutto, Connor McMannus, SCPD

Black Irish, AKA Patch O'William, is a Level 4 Aug and Mask for Silver City, Pennsylvania.

He is known to work closely with Alexi Terrosky, Artemis, Dark Matter, and Sgt. Larutto.

Irish represents a significant threat to the criminal underworld, focusing more on street crime, with the McMannus Family in particular.


Patch was an average, happy kid born and raised on the streets of Silver City. His father was a DA for the city, and was active in fighting the rising tide of crime and corruption.

Eventually the crookedness of the system proved too great. Hitmen hired by the McMannus Crime Family killed both his parents as Patch hid in terror.

The experience changed Patch. He became distant, and seemed to drift through life. A hole was formed in his soul that ate at him.

He was accepted into the NYU for journalisim and attended, leaving his life behind, and preparing to bury Silver City in the past.

Patch was in his junior year in college when Prometheus hit New York. He was doused with a heavy Promethean Radiation and spent a few weeks in the hospital half way between dead and alive.

It wasn't long after he recovered, Patch found he could move things, create barriers, and focused balls of psychic energy, all with his mind. He saw it as an oppertunity. He finally had the power to avenge his parent's memory and finish the battle his father started all those years ago.

He graduated from NYU and moved back to Silver City. It had become a hotbed of Aug activity, and the crime was worse than ever.

Patch was soon hired by the Silver City Herald as a writer and soon worked his way up the ladder, using the newspaper's resources to investigate the city's crime, and eventually became a featured columnist.

As more Masks started to appear in the City, Patch began work on his persona and soon unvieled Black Irish, both a nod to his ancestory and a subtle jab at the McMannus' Irish mob.

Quickly proving himself in the Suicide District, Irish befriended Silver CIty's Mask Community and thus began his war on the crime his father failed to push back.


Irish is driven and relentless in persuit of a goal. He has also displayed cunning and a knack for planning. He has a deep caring for those around him, much more than he often lets on. His attitude is often jovial and cocksure, even in dire situation.

However, he's also shown some mental instability, perhaps a result of the trauma he suffered as a child. His rules blur at the drop of a hat, and he has shown to let the situation get the best of him. However, despite that, with the help of the other Masks, he has exercised some restraint on his part.