Peter Virsky


36, Male, 6’ 7”, 350lbs, muscular, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes




Superhuman strength and size, able to generate a field of energy around his body that is nearly impenetrable to physical and mental attacks.


The Lightening, Mister Mental, Shockwave, Maxwell Krest

Bloodbath AKA Peter Virsky is a Level 5 Aug, career criminal, and extreme sociopath. His last known whereabouts were in Deep Freeze in Redstone serving a life sentence for a three day ramapage in downtown San Maria.


A career criminal before C-Day, Peter was wanted for murder is 6 states. When he was infected with Promethean radiation, he saw it as an unholy blessing.

He began a three day rampage that injured dozens and killed over 7 people, including The Lightening. It was this rampage that inspired Maxwell Krest to help create the SCU.

Bloodbath is currently being held under Deep Freeze in Redstone Maximum Security Prison.

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