Early 20s, Female, unknown height, weight, hair and eye color


At Large


Able to produce and fire razor-sharp discs of pure psychic energy



Bloody Mary is a Level 5 Aug serial killer located in San Maria.


Virtually nothing is known of the killer the media calls Bloody Mary.

Each of her murders are high profile news stories.

The SMPD has a special team working with the SCU on just her case.

She turns the people who see her into unrecognizable piles of blood and tissue, often within their pwn homes.

List of VictimsEdit

The to-date list of murder victims are as follows:

  1. Stan Bellows: A father of two who was found dead in his office's parking garage. He had to be identified by his teeth.
  2. Marcus Dansby: A college student found cut to pieces in his car with his girlfriend Mary Scone.
  3. Mary Scone: College student found decapitated in Marcus Dansby's car.
  4. Katie Trent: A 16 year-old babystter found dead in a home while the kids slept soundly upstairs.
  5. Derek Balmers: A painter found cut in half. His top half was tucked into his bed while his bottom half was forced into the refridgerator.
  6. Robert Gellmen: An Aug who worked as an enforcer for the Vixen Sisters was found dead in a trashcan in Platinum Park. An officer described his condition as "absolutely shredded".
  7. Benjamin Greene: A 12-year-old mailboy who was found dead missing his arms and legs. They've never been recovered.
  8. Samantha Bell: Mother of three who was found ripped apart in her home. A week later, a box containing her head was discovered on the front step by her youngest son, Nicolas.