36, Male, 6’ 0”, 200lbs, slim, brown hair, brown eyes






Sgt. Paul Larutto, SCPD, The Grim, Mayor Fallow, Artemis

Darius Mason was a Police Officer for Silver City, Pennsylvania and parter to Paul Larutto.

He was well respected and friends with icons like Alexi Terrosky, Artemis, and Dark Matter.

He's now buried in the Silver City Memorial Cemetary with full honors.


Darius was given the short stick from the very start. His dad was a drunk and his mother, when not strung out, carried out a string of affairs from their home.

It was Darius' grandfather that kept him from becoming like his parents. He taught Darius right from wrong, sticking up for others, and the value of leading a good life. When his grandfather died of lung cancer, it left a hole in Darius and he lost his will for good.

Something was imprinted in Darius, however, because he immeadiately became a police officer. Unfortunately he lacked an inititive and was quickly pushed into the dark depths of the SCPD.

He was paired with a then-rookie Office Larutto, who was damned to the worst beats for refusing to become corrupt like the rest. At first, the unmotivated Mason clashed with the idealistic Larutto. But little by little they became to depend on each other and a friendship took root.

When Larutto became an Aug, he skyrocketed through the ranks, but Darius stayed alongside his friend. They began pursuing superhuman cases, testing both of their skills. Deep down, Darius always knew at the end of the day he wasn't bullet-proof. It couldn't last forever.

After The Grim escaped from the labs beneath Ides, a desperate Alexi Terrosky contacted Larutto and Mason with a plee to help get him back, trusting that their friendship would persuade them to keep this quiet.

The two hunted The Grim tirelessly. Eventually they cornered him on a rooftop, where he attacked the two out of desperation, killing Darius in the process. The Grim escaped before Larutto could react.

Darius was buried with a full police honors. Larutto and most of the city's Masks were in attendence, as was a sorrowful Terrosky. Paul and his family still visit the grave regularly.


Larutto set up The Darius Mason Foster Fund, a non-profit organization that helps kids out of situations like his childhood's.

His death is a major reason Terrosky's hunt for The Grim has been pushed over the edge into obsession. It is also now the policy of the SCPD to apprehend Grim on sight.

The Humans First Movement has sited this incident as a reason human police forces are unequipped to handle Aug criminals, despite the fact Mason wasn't killed by an Aug.

Darius is looked back upon as a hero and his death is widely regarded as a tragedy. There's a memorial plaque and picture of him in Silver City's Central Police Station.