Dr. Kiin is the head of Ides Enterprises' R&D division. He's been cited as the source of most the branch's controversies. Brilliant, driven, and possibly insane.

His sadism is legendary and his obsession with pushing the grounds of science is infamous. He was fired from DARPA for ethics violations. He's partly responisble for R&D's nickname "The Mad Science Wing".

Kiin is said to practically live in the underground laboratories under the Ides Building. He personally oversees almost all of Ides' projects.

He helped Terrosky build the Uplink that controls his Havoc Gear. Terrosky himself keeps a close eye on Kiin.

Kiin is also majorly responsible for The Grim's creation and subsequent fiasco. He, even more than Terrosky, wants him back so he can study him "on the surgical level."