30s, Male, 6’ 2”, 200lbs, muscular, blonde hair, green eyes


At Large


Superhuman strength, enhanced durability, limited telepathy and telekinesis


Mister Mental, Shroud, Shockwave

Garret Foster is a Level 5 second generation Aug working as a criminal for hire in San Maria.

Foster is considered one of the most wanted men in his city. He's feared by criminals and law enforcement alike. Even some of the SCU are cautious around him.

A telepath, he famously uses his opponent's worst memories against you during a fight.


Garret was a small time thief until he became an Aug. He quickly went from crushing poverty to wealth and power overnight. In days, he grew from a nobody to one of the most notorious crimals in San Maria.

Garret began to hit the big leagues, working with heavy hitters, and getting on the choicest jobs in town. He even worked for Shroud when he took over the San Maria underworld. After Shroud was captured, Garret got away with the fortune he had made working for him.

He then began a carrer cashing out his services to the highest bidder.

He was last seen stealing a powerful Promethean weapon and beating Mister Mental within an inch of his life.


Garret isn't usually the smartest man in the room, but that doesn't necessarily make him stupid. He is always planning, like a man on the run, and always has an escape plan.

He knows people. Knows how to get to them. And he uses it to his advantage anytime he can. Garret is as much a con man as he is a thug.

Foster is also incredibly disciplined. Where others would make impulse mistakes, Garret has the patience to keep waiting. He is a self taught and proficient fighter. After he became and Aug he incoporated it into his combat style.