General Thomas J. Kadder is a member of the US Military and the current leader of Section M. He's a military genius and a exemplary soldier.


Thomas Kadder was born and raised in Pelos, Texas. He was a excellent student and, following his father's footsteps, joined the Army straight out of high school. He rocketed through the ranks, quickly becoming the military's golden boy.

As a general, he served tours of duty in Desert Storm, where he was wounded and recieved a purple heart and a bronze star, as well as three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On C-Day, Kadder was insturmental in containment/clean up military efforts. He spearheaded the creation of the Zone Zero base, and when Section M was created he set up the base HQ in his hometown of Pelos.

Section MEdit

Kadder was vocal about Aug control from the very beginning. He has shown support for the controversial Humans First Movement, although his motives have been something of a secret.

He has been intregral in the government's handling of the Aug situation from its earliest measures. He aided in creating the Threat Rating System and was on a commity to decide what to do with Augmented Criminals. It was this position that put General Kadder at the top of the list of persons to head the fledgling Section M. A role for which Kadder happily agreed to take.

Since he began as head of Section M, Kadder has kept out of the public view. Although he's made appearance to comment on some of the bigger Prometheus-related issues.


General Kadder has often been critizied for his support of the HFM despite the conflict it interest it might cause in working with Section M. Kadder is notoriously silent on his reaction to his critics.

Rumors usually state Kadder was chosen to run Section M either because a) it is secretly a secret police force meant to control the US Aug population, or b) Kadder and the government have a plan to exterminate all the Augs and Section M is the beginning of it. These remain, however, just rumors.

Kadder gave an infamous appeal to Congress after Augs first began appearing, in which he stated the government should consider creating vast camps, or secured communities, where Augs would live together safely from the rest of the public. It was shot down however by politicians and humanitarian group alike. This has raised a multitude of critisms and conspiracy theories around the General.