Henry Dekkard is a former SCPD officer, current operator of a LAG Den in Silver City's Suicide District, and information broker.

Henry lost an eye to a Blood King named Trev while on the force. When he was kicked off, Trev 'disappeared' mysteriously.


Dekkard joined the academy straight out of highschool. His father was a cop, and his father before him.

Dekkard was an exemplory police officer. He used his connections on the street to bring in some of the worst criminals in Silver City.

He began a one man war on the Blood Kings, taking them out from the streets on up. It cost him his marriage, his sobriety, and an eye.

Dekkard eventually learned some the King's men had infiltrated a few of the SCPD's precincts. Rooting out the corrupt cops, he brought the information to his CO. It was only later, he found out that his CO was, in fact, working with the Blood Kings as well.

He was kicked off the force for cooked up reason. He spun into drunken obscurity for years.

A few years after C-Day, he started his LAG Den in Suicide District. Through this, he began his work as an information broker.


Dekkard is a notorious source of information. He's worked with everyone from Artemis, to McMannus' men, and even some of his hated Blood Kings. He's reputed as confidential and always in the know.

His usefulness as an information broker, Dekkard is usually left alone. It has helped his LAG business as it is seen as neutral ground for everyone to use.

He is considered the District's best kept secret.