37, Male, 5’ 9”, 170lbs, Slim, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes






Pantheon Technologies, SCU, and Shockwave.

Maxwell Krest heads Pantheon Technologies. A genius, he publicly crusades for humanitarian applications for Promethean Tech.

He has a notorious person rivalry with Alexi Terrosky, the head of competitor Ides Enterprises.

Max is married to Kelly Krest, they have a daughter, Elizabeth.


Maxwell grew up in a loving middle class family. He finished high school and attended a single year of college.

He was an artist with computers. A gifted programmer and an intuitive engineer. He was building things in his garage at 17 that was better than you could buy in stores.

Max made a small fortune bouncing around from company to company before founding Pantheon Technologies on September 23rd, 2004. He believed technology would raise humanity to another level, and that his company would aide in ushering in this new age.

Proving himself a savvy businessman, Max steered Panteon into huge financial success. It is here that he met Alexi Terrosky, just now taking over for the Ides family, and began their heated rivalry.

After C-Day, Max aggresivly pushed for Pantheon to be allowed in on the reverse engineering of Pantheon. He saw it as the leap needed to catapult mankind into a new era.

After Augs began appearing, Maxwell was a massive proponent for their acceptance into human society. However, when Bloodbath went on a seemingly unstoppable crime spree that killed over a half a dozen people, Max saw the need for a speacialized task force. He created the SCU in the hopes to never let anything like that happen again. He hand picked the men himself and spearheaded their deployment.


Maxwell Krest is an optimist and a hopeless romantic. He believes in a humanitarian use for Promethean Tech and a better future for all mankind through its application.

He think Augs aren't to be treated differently from humans. They're people too.

He's been described as nice and intelligent, if a bit intense. His intilect can be a bit intimidating, but he never really comes off as threatening.

Maxwell also has a reputation as a passionate speaker and an excellent debater.


People have called Krest 'The King of San Maria' as he uses his influence like royality. He at times seems untouchable in the eyes of law.

Krest has complete control over the SCU and can decide entirely what they do or to what extent. This has garnered some heat from his critics.

Rumors have been swirling about a possible affair between Krest and the high-tech female Aug Mask, Shockwave. She has been known to work very closely to Pantheon, which hasn't helped any of the gossip.