Chester Dominico


32, Male, 5’ 5”, 212lbs, overweight, bald, brown eyes




Able to “steal” consciousnesses from bodies, store them in his own mind, learn what they know, and, if he chooses, restore them to their original bodies.


Shockwave, Garret Foster, Ramses

Chester Dominico AKA Mister Mental is a Level 3 Aug and Mask for San Maria.

He was treated more or less a joke by the community, but was in all actually a benefit. On more than one occasion, he helped Shockwave, harboring romantic feelings for her.


Chester was a nerdy grocery store manager when he was affected by a falling piece of Promethean debris. A first generation Aug, he became Mister Mental, a force for good.

He fought with other Masks against some of San Maria's worst, but was always in the distance.

He recently tried to stop Garret Foster from stealing a powerful Promethean weapon, but was beaten within an inch of his life. He is currently hospitalized in Merciful Heart Intensive Care Unit.


Mister Mental is nerdy, sweet-hearted, intelligent, but painfully shy. He means well, but can't work so well with people.

He tends to make few friends and those that he does make, he sticks very close to them.

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