Semi-organic protein strains with varying uses. Contains some strange parts that science had not yet found. Found in the strange inner workings of Prometheus.


LAG: Slang term for a drug derived from Promethean compounds that shuts off voluntary motor functions and induces an immersive dream-state.

Inhibs (or Power-Downs, Aug Tranq): Chemical agents that suppress the abilities in some Augs.

Dexx: Slang for Dexxamine-135. A highly addictive and dangerous drug that temporarily induces a heightened state of being. Categorized by bulging luminous veins and hyperaware attitude.
(as a noun: “Yo man, can I score some Dexx?”)
(as a verb: “You know bout Jamie, he been Dexxing.”)

Hydroepinine (street name 'Boost'): A compound given to terminally ill patients to temporarily increase physical processes. Easily overdosed, causing painful death. Sold as a highly illegal substance called Boost.

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