Technology derived from reverse engineering the Prometheus Satellite.


After C-Day, the governments of the world brought in the brightest minds to reverse engineer the tech for military purposes.

Due to lobbying and public outcry, corporations were allowed to reverse engineer technology for the private sector.

Since then, the technology has boosted progress in everything from medicine and law enforcement, to education and home living.


Burst Gun: Powerful gun built from Promethean Tech that fires blasts of compressed plasma.

Resonance Regulator: A device that nulifies field-based abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, or force fields.

CRSDs: Close Range Scanning Device, a machine that is able to dectect any object of any substance through any shielding.

Artilect: ARTificial IntILECT. Not true AI, but a powerful and advanced autonomous computer.

Flexisteel: An alloy discovered on Prometheus that has the same properties of steel yet remains mallable.

ABW Filters: Technology that blocks a subject's mind from telepathic invasion.