Prometheus is the name given to an alien-built satellite roughly 150 feet long and 30 feet in diameter. It was detected a few thousand miles from the Moon and crash landed in Times Square (see: C-Day).


The origins of Prometheus are very much unknown. The civilization that constructed it is referred to only as The Builders.

It is widely accepted that it was derelict on arrival and was not intended as a attack or mode of contact.


-Promethean Tech: Technology derived from reverse engineering the Prometheus Satellite.

-Promethean Radiation: Unique radiation following Prometheus that causes genetic mutation in humans.

--Promethean Enhanced: Used to describe anything modified by Promethean advancements.

-Promethean Compounds: Semi-organic protein strains with varying uses.

-Hot Zones: The areas where pieces of the Prometheus satellite had landed and are now quarantined by NATO.

-Augs: Humans genetically transformed by the Promethean Radiation that came to Earth with Prometheus.

Current StatusEdit

Prometheus is the center of a secure government site in Times Square. Very few people are allowed to near it, let alone study it. Pantheon Technologies and Ides Enterprises are notable as large corporations able to reverse engineer the technologies.