Simon Brent


29, Male, 5’ 10”, 186lbs, slim, bald, blue eyes




Produce 6 inch diamond-hard razor sharp spikes from his forearms, legs, back, and shoulders


Artemis, Darkhart, Hotshot, Sgt. Larutto, SCPD, Conner McMannus

Simon Brent, AKA Quill was a Level 3 Aug and former Mask for Silver City. He was killed by Darkhart.

He was in a romantic relationship with Artemis and together, they fought back a lot of the city's criminal element.


First appearing four years ago after C-Day, Quill was known for his hot-headed and arrogant attitude. It got him into more fights than he could win. It didn't help to make friends either.

It was love at first sight, when he was saved by Artemis while fighting Blood Kings in the Suicide District. She distant at first, but with time they became romantically involved. Together, the two began a war against the McMannus crime family. With the help of Sgt. Larutto, Terrosky, Dark Matter, and others they began dismantling the empire piece by piece.

It was not long after, Quill was killed Aug assassin calling himself Darkhart after he was lured into a trap set up in Red Light District. After his death, it was revealed he had been Simon Brent, a failed brocker-turned semi professional painter.

He was cremated and his ashes were spread where they first met by Artemis.


The McMannus Crime family still reels from the hurt he and Artemis put on it. They're operations were majorly affected, and, in some areas, never recovered.

Artemis has fought harder against the criminal element since his death. She has such a rage against Darkhart, but, keeping with his ghost-like reputation, has been impossible to find.