Section M is a government orginization said to be responisble for tracking and maintaining Promethean related issues. It was established four months after C-Day and was headed by General Kadder.

Section M has top secret clearance. All information about its operation is stricken from record and civlians have zero access to operations.

The Black Guard is purported to operate under Section M's devision.


Section M's official mission statement is to oversee research, monitoring, and control of Prometheus technology and compounds.

It is a controversial subject, and Section M's representation dodges the matter, but whether their jurisdiction includes Augs is hazy at best. Rumors that the Black Guard hunts down and "disappears" Aug citizens do nothing but fan the flames of mystery.


The Official Headquarters of Section M is in the city of Pelos. However, there is another large base in Times Square where the Black Guard as supposed to be stationed.

The base is a fortress, and is said to be untouchable by both human and Aug means.


A multitude of conspiracy theories surround Section M. Some claim it is a secret police for the goverment to come and steal away Augs. Others say that they experiment on Augs to create supersoldiers. Millions of more theorize have spread across the populous.

Kadder's links to the Humans First Movement have raised questions about the ethics and potential biased in the rankings of Section M. There have been some small investigations by wayward politicians, but they rarely get far.