Late 20s, Female, 5’ 7”, 135lbs, athletic, red hair, unknown eye color.




Able to produce and control pulses of subsonic sound with the intensity to shatter stone or rip apart to steel.


Maxwell Krest, Bloodbath, Mister Mental, Pantheon Technologies, and SCU

Shockwave is a Level 4 Aug, and famous Mask, with the ability to generate and control subsonic sound.

She has done tremendous good and was even awarded a medal by the San Maria police department.


Appearing a little over a year after C-Day, Shockwave appears to be a first generation Aug.

She was mentored by one of San Maria's first heroes: The Lightening. He filled a type of fatherly role in her life and helped Shockwave through terrible times.

After his death, Shockwave was really never the same. She became more to herself and fought with a bigger inner rage.

She saved Maxwell Krest from an attack by an Aug named Bloodbath.


She was bubblier and more outgoing when The Lightening was alive. Now she is quieter and more passionate. She still is a thrill-seeker and a shameless risk taker.

Shockwave is relentless in trying to make the world better. She wants to show the world Augs don't have to be feared. They can do so much good.

Maxwell Krest ConnectionEdit

Shockwave often works very close with the SCU. It has led her to spend a lot of time with Maxwell Krest. The two have been seen together since, the nature of the relationship unknown.