Abraham Brood


37, Male, 5’ 11’, 175lbs, athletic, brown hair, brown eyes




His “Shroud” gives him incredible durability, the ability to generate and discharge energy akin to ball lightening, limited flight, increased senses, and increased strength.


Maxwell Krest, Pantheon Technologies, Garret Foster, Shockwave, SCU

Shroud AKA Abraham Brood is a criminal mastermind based out of San Maria who used to Promethean Technology to create a power suit he called 'The Shroud'.

For a time he was the most notorious criminal in the city, bending even the Bertelli Crime Syndicate to his will, ruling the underworld in a merciless regime.


An unparalleled genius, Abraham once worked for Pantheon Technologies. Still, it's hard to find a product in use today that doesn't have something designed by Brood.

When Maxwell began to deviate away from using the Promethean Tech for weapon applications, Abraham, who's division it was, stole some tech for himself. It was a task made easier by his huge security clearance.

Constructing the Shroud weapons system, Abraham took over the San Maria underworld in a matter of weeks. His superior intelect and powerful new suit was a combination that couldn't be outmatched. For months he had a role in almost all illegal activity in San Maria. He hired Garret Foster as an enforcer and played Aug thugs against the SCU to distact from other operations.

He grew too bold however and was eventually brought down by Shockwave and the SCU in one massive brawl atop Pantheon's HQ: Olympus Towers. In the end, his suit's microsystems were disrupted by a frequency from Shockwave and the officers easily apprehended him.

The Shroud is being studied by Pantheon Labs in a secure facility.

Abraham’s currently being held in Redstone Maximum Security Prison. He requested to be held under Deep Freeze, for fear of the boredom that would be brought about by lack of stimulation in prison.


Abraham is a clinical sociopath with mild OCD. He is cold and calculating, with an IQ of 165. He was reportedly never fond of small talk and would always speak directly to the point.

He's a master of deceit, and would sacrifice anyone if it meant progressing his goals. His entire world revolves are intellectual pursuits, and the only real 'joy' he feels is in besting other cognitively.

Although Max never knew, Abraham had a burning rivalry with him. He always sought to outsmart Krest, and in his eyes, the Shroud was just that.