The Superhuman Containment Unit is a team of elite private security professionals using cutting edge technology to apprehend superhuman criminals. The only unit of their kind in the country, operating within the city of San Maria.

After the Aug criminal Bloodbath went on a three day murdurous rampage, only to be stopped by a couple of Masks, Krest saw the need for a specialized response force.

They are backed and supplied by Pantheon Technologies, and are overseen by Maxwell Krest himself. They've been folded into the SMPD chain of command.

They are led by Captain Ryan Kidd, a former Navy SEAL, and a stern no-nonsense leader of men.


The SCU is armed with an incredible arsenal made of grade-A Promethean Technology.

Weaponary includes, but is not limited to:

  • Grenade-like Resonance Regulators
  • Adhesive rounds that discharge a pulse of neuroblockers that renders the target temporarily paralyzed.
  • Focused sonic pulses that can be powerful enough to shatter stone or soft enough to stun a target
  • A bonding goo that sticks and hardens into the consistancy of steel.


The SCU armor is a Flexisteel weave, with carbon-fiber plating on the top, and an Impact Gel layer on the bottom.


The SCU has caused Aug-related crime to be reduced to a rarity. It has worked so well, in fact, other cities are looking into similar programs.

Some question a private police force controled by one man having the same pull as the regular police, but it's hard to argue with results.