The Franklin Containment Facility for Augmented Individuals is a maximum security specialty prison North of Silver City. It sports one the nation's best security systems, a robust cell block system, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and a large Deep Freeze center.

They hold lower TRS Levels on the surface, with the higher levels going deeper underground, ending in the Max 5 holding cells.

Facility MembersEdit

  • Dr. Gena Wagfield - The Head of Rehabilitation. A 40 something ballbuster and certified genius. She's worked with the criminally insane for years, and has become a foremost expert in Aug psychology.
  • Jessup - Head of Security. Used to bounce around as a professional body guard before getting a job at Franklin. Now the no nonsense head of security. A confessed Humans First supporter.
  • Warden Bell - The warden of Franklin. A 54 year-old slight man, optimistic and bubbly. He believes one hundred percent in rehabilitation and second chances.