The Vixen Sisters are two Level 2 Augs who run a popular prostitution ring in San Maria. The validity of the Vixen surname, or if they are in fact sisters, remains a mystery.

The ring is rumored to stretch all over the underworld, from the shadiest criminals to the highest seats of power. Their girls can be found on the streets in the South Quater, in Domnic Lopez's popular nightclub, or even in the nicest restaurants in Platinum Park. Their connections give the Sisters a fair amount of power in the city.

They base their operations out of Eve, a strip club in downtown San Maria.

The SistersEdit

  • Daisy Vixen - A gorgeous blonde with crystal blue eyes and the ability to control pheromones. She has the ability to seduce anyone and make them vulnerable to suggestion. She's more of the brains of the operation. Smart, cunning, and completely ruthless.
  • Sadie Vixen - A bubbly brunette with a buxom body and the power to cause massive sensations of pure pleasure. Sadie is more impulsive and childish than Daisy, driven by what she immediately wants than what's best in the long run. However, coupled with her sister's pheromone control, they are an irrestable pair. Which makes them incredibly deadly.